Director Desk

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Cardiatic Care! It gives me immense pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

It has rightly been said that good health is the corner stone of human development and a crucially important social and economic asset. Within healthcare, the Pharma Industry plays an important role as improved access to innovative and quality medicines is likely to contribute not only to the well-being of individuals and families but also to the economic growth and development in all societies.

Founded in 2016, Cardiatic Care manufactures and supplies a vast range of high quality medicines to clients in India and abroad. The Company strives to continually upgrade to highest standards of quality and to make available formulations that are uniform in quality for both Domestic and International Markets.

In conformity to the larger aim of a vibrant Pharma industry, we at Cardiatic Care envision that the Company will always strive to be conducive to creating a healthier world by making accessible innovative and quality products. We believe that the essence of business is to create customer satisfaction through quality products and business ethics, and growth of the organization naturally follows with this style of functioning. Today, Cardiatic Care is one of the most promising Pharma organizations in North India for contract manufacturing and franchise partnering. Cardiatic Care has a rich and varied product range in solid dosage form, including Cardiatic Careand psychiatric formulations in which it specializes.

We welcome to you contact us, whether to know more about our product range or to offer your suggestions as to how we can best serve you.

Mr. Gopal Krishan