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Cardiatic Care is an ISO Certified Pharmaceuticals company that works towards making life free of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases which has become a worldwide public health concern. We are committed o innovate the quality range of cardiac and diabetic medicines to help society sustain the quality of life and to provide them with the best healthcare products and effective medicines. We are the well known Cardiac Diabetic Pharma Company in Panchkula, that fills the effective composition in all kinds of pharmaceutical ranges including tablets, capsules, injections, soft gel capsules, etc. to cure the health issues related to Diabetes, Heart Attack, Heart failure, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Unstable angina, chest pain, Arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythms), Valve disease, Congenital heart conditions, Inherited heart conditions, etc..

We have manufactured 100+ products and drug formulations to cure the patients who are suffering from health issues, the high-quality cardiac and diabetics products we offer are DCGI approved which are manufactured under the rules and regulations of WHO & GMP, that qualifies them as safe and effective. The wide range of Cardiac & Diabetic compositions that we offer include Amlodipine, Atenolol, Glimepiride, Metformin, Ramipril, Atorvastatin, Clopidogrel, Benidipine, Cilnidipine, Chlorthalidone, Dapagliflozin, etc. As well as these there are many other factors that make us the Top Cardiac Diabetic Pharmaceuticals Company in Panchkula. To increase the availability of Cardiac and Diabetic treatments in the market, we are bringing great business opportunities such as Franchise, and third party manufacturing services in the Cardiac and Diabetic Range. We strive to bring better innovations to the market with the help of our experts who are skilled in their field of work and know how to tackle the market easily.

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Expanding The PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India

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Wide Range of Quality Pharmaceutical Products for a Healthy Living

At Cardiatic Care, we carefully analyze product quality and production in all aspects. We have a brilliant team of professionals and experts who ensure that the products are safe for consumption. Our products are best for heart diseases such as high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, obesity, blood sugar. We have more than 100+ diabetic heart products which are manufactured under the supervision of experts and guidelines of WHO & GMP. Our range for heart and diabetes problems is available in all product segments such as tablets, capsules, syrups, injections, and more.

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Cardiatic Care is a great business opportunity for pharmaceutical distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and marketing agents through the Pharma Franchise in Pan India. The demand for diabetes heart products is very large thus we being the top Cardiac Diabetic Pharma Company in Panchkula are offering a hand for help for the needy people. So if you are interested in starting or growing your business, Cardiac & Diabetic is the best department for you. We offer a stable and progressive business model that includes monopoly rights, marketing strategies, customer support, distribution network, and the promise of smooth and stable business operations.

Producing all Kind of Cardiac & Diabetic Products

Many doctors across the country recommend our heart and diabetes products because of their effectiveness, packaging, and on-time delivery. We are the number one choice for many healthcare professionals. As a Cardiac Diabetic Pharma Company in Panchkula, we bring the best treatments for heart and diabetes patients, we do not compromise on the quality of our products. We see it as our responsibility to make medicine safe, effective, pure, and efficient. In addition, we have the team of experts who apply several quality tests on products before manufacturing, while manufacturing and after manufacturing to make sure of the quality and its effectiveness.

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